We made a mistake when we booked our ferry that we could not change. That meant we had to leave Carcross a day early and got an extra day in Haines. It turns out that was a great mistake, as Haines is much nicer than Carcross. I fished the Chilkoot River for 2 mornings. The first day was very windy, so I tried casting flies under a bobber which I cast with a spinning rod. I caught 1 fish after  about 4 hours. Then I saw a kid catch 2 nice Dolly Varden in a short while. I walked over to see what he was using, and went to the sporting goods store to buy a few Pixee lures for myself. The next day, I caught 15-20 fish in about 2 hours casting the lure. It was what I thought Alaska fishing would be. The locals are only interested in Salmon, so they ignore the Dollies. But these are real fish to a Californian.

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