Alaska 2015 blog

A few days in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz


Visiting my family, and our old home. This is Manresa State Beach, near the KOA in Watsonville.

Lost Hills

lost hills sunset

First night, as always, at the convenient park in Lost Hills. Right off Hiway 5, on the turn-off to Paso Robles on the way to Santa Cruz.

Finally on the way

Toby on the dash
Toby’s new spot to watch the world go by


We made it all the way to the parking lot at Sears in Escondido for lunch after a late start. Toby has already found his new spot with a view.

More preparation

Rock protection under the radiator, oil cooler, trans cooler, A/C condenser. Most roads are paved, but some long gravel patches, so why not? I also added a new power outlet near the shelf where all the phones and gadgets sit, so they can be charged. While I was under the benches of the dinette, I found space to store 35 lbs of dog food and 15 lbs of their favorite treats. Many other minor enhancements are installed, as we count down the days until June 1.

RV modifications for the trip

black-outspare_tireI installed black-out curtains (cardboard) in the windows so we can sleep before the sun goes down. I am not sure it ever goes down in summer up there, at least not till long after I want to sleep. The picture is the bedroom at midday. There is a little leakage around the edges, but I did not tape the cardboard in, so if that is too much light, we can work on it.

Also installed a spare tire I put together with a junk-yard rim and one of our old tires. I think it will be better than nothing if we need one 100’s of miles from a tire shop.

More trip preparation

fly collection
fly collection

After months of SDFF meetings, books, magazines, DVD’s, on-line resources and help from Dave B, I have assembled my collection of flies for the fishing I plan to do. It is amazing to me the difference in size of the #22 midges and the huge leeches and flesh simulations. But that is what I learned I would need on the streams, rivers, and lakes through Canada, Alaska, and Montana.