Alaska 2015 blog

Robert’s Roost at Dragon Lake

We drove to Quesnel and Dragon Lake. We got a site at Robert’s Roost that faces the lake and is very close to the boat ramp. I put the boat in the water and fished with no success this morning. Then a rain storm with thunder and lightening blew in, so we went to Walmart. We are on the road again tomorrow.

Juniper Beach Provincial Park

We drove through Lillooet and on to Cache Creek, where we stayed in a private RV park that is OK and has full hookups. I looked around for a place to fish and found this park. I did not know what the facilities of the BC Provincial Parks are, but this one is very nice and has public access to the Thompson River. Next time through here, I’ll stay at this park.


Whistler to Lillooet

Everyone said that it would be a beautiful drive northeast from Whistler to Lillooet, but nobody said it was 13% grades and many switchbacks. It is a challenging road with great scenery.

Whistler and Birkenhead Lake

I went fishing in the morning, then we went into town and ate dinner.

Into Canada and on to Whistler

We got across the border without incident, and are on the way up the 2010 Olympics highway to the mountains.

No time to explore on this trip

We are not stopping, or even slowing down through Seattle. Maxine was asleep and missed even seeing it. We came straight up Hiway 5, skipping the Olympic Peninsula, Vancouver Island, and all the beauty here. Oh well, maybe next trip. Here are some pictures I took as we drove through.

View through the windshield #2

Pictures of Portland as we passed through. It seems to be a city of bridges. Coming from dry SoCal, so much water seems unfair.

Oregon and Washington

RV parks vary in their setup, locations, and amenities. The one we stayed in last night vs. the one we are at tonight highlight some major differences.


6-7-WoodlandShores_RV-parkTriCity RV park in Oregon, wide spots, love dogs – big dog park, much more comfortable





Woodland Shores RV park in WA, tiny, narrow spots, no tables, hardly tolerate dogs

View through the windshield #1

While driving the RV, I see things I want to take pictures of, but it is hard to stop, turn, and park. So I keep my camera handy and take the pictures when I see them. Unfortunately, that often means imperfections in the images, but these are for amusement, not sale. So please ignore the bugs, and enjoy.