Alaska 2015 blog

Grande Prairie, AB

After driving south from the wooded north, the prairie country of Alberta is pretty boring. We could not find anything better than relaxing in the RV, so we took a day off. Here are a few pictures.

End of the Alcan (Alaska) Highway

Our trip was not the typical one, up and down the Alaska Highway. We did drive most of the classic route, but in pieces and in different directions. Still, as the miles (kilometers 🙁  ) counted down, I got depressed, realizing our trip is nearing the end. The traffic increases as the miles count down, and the long lonely stretches of hiway up north are just a memory. We did not look for the north end of the hiway in Delta Junction, and did not slow down for the south end Mile 0 sign in Dawson Creek.

Sikanni Chief

We stayed in another obscure park at the Sikanni River crossing. This park is not very cultured. It has quite a few RV spots that are scattered around a large dirt lot which gets lots of puddles after it rains. It had rained the day we got there, so the mud and puddles were large. They dried while we were there, making it easier to keep the dogs dry during our walks.

Tetsa River Services

This place guides hunters as well as other activities, hence the name, I guess. We saw several animals on the way here, and found that not all of the Alaska Highway is a 2-lane freeway. Much of the trip here was narrow and twisty, as a road through the Rocky Mtns has every right to be. We stopped at the Liard River Hot Springs for a quick dip. This area has enough warm water coming up to create a micro climate all its own. There are wild orchids and other tropical plants above the pools, but some endangered water creature spawns up there, so the trail was closed.

Takhini Hot Springs – Whitehorse, YT

We stayed in the most beautiful RV park so far. Haines has a nice view, but this has huge sites, well separated by trees, and carefully allocated so there were empty sites between each one in use.


Next stop – Carmacks, YT.

Dawson City

On to Dawson City and the Klondike Mining District. This was the goal of the ’98 rush through Skagway. There is much evidence of the mining history and the continuing search for gold. I’ll make a post on that soon, but here are some pictures of the route and the town.


We went on to the Chicken Goldcamp RV Park in… Chicken, AK. The town founders could not spell Ptarmigan, so Chicken was born. An interesting place with mining as the main local activity. Gold panning at the park for $10 per 4 hours in their stand-up pans. Or pay for a day at their claim and take your sluice box and anything else you can carry on the trailer behind your ATV. Some interesting artwork marks this park vs. the other 2 in town.

Vehicles Along The Way

I have been interested in the many types of vehicles I have seen along the way and in the RV parks. I was surprised to see none of the modern Landcruisers in Canada, where I thought they would be available. I plan to go to a Toyota dealer in Calgary, and I’ll see what is going on. Here are a bunch of pictures I have taken.


After Carol flew back home, we went on to Tok. Tok is a major intersection with all the roads to Alaska passing through. We drove through here on our way north and did laundry and grocery shopping. On the way south, we stopped and stayed for a couple of days. I did some more fishing and caught Grayling and Northern Pike.