Preparing for our trip

Trip_google_mapsThis should be the start of our trip blog. While this is new to me, Maxine has experience with WordPress, so we should be able to make this work.


5 thoughts on “Preparing for our trip”

  1. I also have been dreaming of this excellent trip.

    Although I am still concerned that when you try to enter Canada the Mounties may incarcerate Maxine due to her Irish roots and the obvious assumption she’s coming to graffiti the Queen, I’m betting Barney has some kind of diversion planned.
    I hope no Mounties (other than me) are reading this.
    It probably involves salsa music and firecrackers.

  2. I hope you don’t mind much if I live vicariously through your blog, it’s the best I can do while stuck at work. Have a great time and bring back lots of trout, salmon, halibut or whatever you happen to snag!

  3. I see Maxine is already wearing her “Banff” hoodie.

    I hope Barney similarly remembers to bring his pajamas embossed with “Tourist.”

  4. I recognize that blackout cardboard.
    It’s from the stack you left in your driveway after first moving to Ramona, just to alarm the lady across the street that she now had hoarder neighbors.

    Nice touch.

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